Tété – La Bande Son de ta Vie

Tété is back!

After three years of absence from our worldwide music scene, since the release of Le Premier Clair de l’Aube back in 2010, Tété will be releasing Nu Là-Bas (Naked Over There) next week, which includes this first single, titled La Bande Son de ta Vie (The Soundtrack of your Life). It only means one thing! I get to brush up on my French!

I’ve forgotten most of it, to be honest. Ever since I stopped getting lessons and haven’t had the chance to watch many films, shows or followed any music — I can barely understand Tété’s lyrics. Anyone want to recommend any books in French for 10-year-olds or around that age? xD

Anyway, the music video, directed by Johan Chiaramonte, has a very Saul Bass-esque feeling — especially the beginning — with colorful shapes moving across the screen with a sassy Tété singing along and walking by split screens and shadows.

At the moment there’s a wonky database mix-up with Tété’s artist page — on iTunes and Deezer — because there’s also a Korean indie band called Tete (테테, notice the absence of accents), so both their discographies are all mixed together. Despite that tiny issue, you can find Tété’s Nu Là-Bas ready for pre-order purchase.

You can follow Tete’s activities in his re-vamped Official Website, YouTube, FacebookTwitter, and… Deezer.


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