Tété – Le Premier Clair de l’Aube

Release date: February 22, 2010
Label: Sony Music Entertainment


  1. L’envie et le Dédain (The Envy and the Disdain)
  2. Le Bal des Boulets (The Ball of Balls)
  3. 36’70
  4. Maudit Blues (The Cursed Blues)
  5. Les Temps Égarés (Lost Time)
  6. Le Premier Clair de l’Aube (The First Rays of Dawn)
  7. 1770
  8. Doux Mojo (Soft Mojo)
  9. Ad Libitum
  10. Petite Chanson (Small Song)
  11. Serendipity 44
  12. Bye-Bye

Tété is back four years after the release of the fantastic Le Sacre des Lemmings with Le Premier Clair de l’Aube [The First Rays of Dawn], which brings on the catchy funky francophone chanson.

Tété’s voice is soothing, so he could get away with being all dramatic and emotional while singing French ballads. Instead, he brings the fun with fast-paced songs that will make the 37-minute album fly by.

Even though it’s really a distinct album by many of today’s musical standards, it doesn’t hold anything against the masterful Lemmings, but that has little to do with the success of this one.

Highlights: Le Bal des Boulets, Maudit Blues, Les Temps Egares, Petite Chanson

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

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  1. July 15, 2014

    […] three years of absence from our worldwide music scene, since the release of Le Premier Clair de l’Aube back in 2010, Tété will be releasing Nu Là-Bas (Naked Over There) next week, which includes […]

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