Melanie C – Anymore

And for today’s special gift, former Spice Melanie Chisholm (known more commonly by her Spice moniker, Sporty, or Melanie C) has released some new music. Mrs. Chisholm was always more on the quiet side when it came to expressing herself, in fact admittedly being more on the shy side when it came to Spice activities. But in the years since she said farewell to her stage persona, she’s come into her own as an incredible artist and musician. Her latest single, Anymore, is just another step in her artistic evolution, and the tune is FIRE!

The song expresses confusion about her conflicting feelings after saying goodbye to a past lover. The music’s playing, she wants to feel that groove deep inside her soul to replace the melancholy of letting go. But there’s still that ache of loss, the uncertainty of moving forward. The video, however, shows that while her mind may be conflicted, in her heart she has moved on. She dances her heart out. Spliced between scenes of her letting loose, we get shots of everyday people—from kids dancing on the street, to friends in a parking lot, to even workers at a construction site—letting go of their worries and dancing with blissful smiles on their faces. Not only has Melanie forced herself away from the pain of her own loss—a genuine smile gracing her lips as she walks away—but the world itself has taken a break from all the turbulence to express some form of happiness. It’s a truly beautiful video, simple but effective. Welcome back, Melanie! I’ve missed you.

Her latest album Version of Me is now available for preorder and will be released on October 21st.


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  1. Alex Girardi says:

    I was reallI was really not expecting a cool song a video like that. Can’t wait for the album.

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