Mayday – What If We Had Never Met

I’ve been a little bit busy the past couple of days, and this brand new video of Mayday kept being buried in the pile of videos in the feed.

The song is titled What If We Had Never Met (如果我們不曾相遇), which they also released in Lyric Video form, another single off their upcoming 10th studio album titled, Album No. 9 (作品九號), to be released on July 21st. Don’t ask me why the 10th album is called that xD

Anyway, in here, we see the band playing at the famous Taipei 101 shot by a drone flying over; while they tell you the story of a young man and a young woman whose destinies sets them in different paths of lives, concluding in that very bittersweet end. Directed by someone credited as 小瓜他爹, but I couldn’t find any more info on it.

As their story progresses from the first title card saying “That year, I was 17 and he was 17. We were living life.” (那一年。我17嵗。他17嵗。我們在生命裡。) to those two final title cards saying “That year, I was 55 and he was 24. However, I still miss him.” (那一年。我55嵗。他24嵗。我依然想念他。) and “That year, I was 75 and he was 24. Finally, we will eventually… meet again.” (那一年。我75嵗。他24嵗。終於,我們终將…… 再一次相遇。), bringing the story to conclusion.

All the title cards are typed in Chinese on this Weibo post.


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