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I had taken a backseat to posting Kpop MVs mainly because it’s so difficult to get relevant info if they’re not posted in English on Kpop sites; they never post stuff regarding directors, Kpop idols ONLY. And if one is hangul impaired, it’s even worse. Task takes ten times the effort. However, my love for Mamamoo and Solar has rekindled my relationship with Kpop and my Kpop ninja skills. I think, so far, they’re intact. I only lacked passion.

Thank you Google for Google Translate and Wikipedia por letting me copy/paste “감독” (director, gamdog) whenever I need to do a search.

So this, alongside my previous post, had been buried in my feed.

Taeyeon, as the grown-up idol that she is now, has obviously started her solo activities— first, with the release of her first solo mini titled last year, spawning her single of the same name. This year, she’s released her second (kinda longish) mini titled Why, which she started promoting with this duet with DEAN [1] titled Starlight.

In it, a punk ass Taeyeon splatters mustard and ketchup on a nice old man that’s working on his food truck, when she stumbles upon a DEAN that’s music-immersed. They have dreamy moments together. The video follows SM Entertainment’s current music video flare of Instagram filter urban chic lifestyle, so far removed from the days of dancing inside a box.

Same for Why, which swaps it for Instagram filter sunny California xD

Anyway~ the reason for this post is this~~~

Both videos were directed by Röntgen (뢴트겐) [Facebook] [this SMTown post credits it to Lim Seong-Gwan (임성관)], who were also behind Mamamoo’s You’re the Best (넌is뭔들‬) [MV] and Um Oh Ah Yeh [MV], ZICO’s Eureka (유레카) [MV], Block B’s Jackpot [MV], Very Good [MV], Nillili Mambo [MV] and NalinA [MV], among others by Girl’s Days, CROSS GENE, and SEVENTEEN.

You are welcome~~~

Was that so difficult? YES, yes, it was… because I don’t read Korean, but you guys who write for all those Kpop sites, you do. You don’t need to open 15 browser windows just to find out the information you’re trying to read is the correct, or whether you’re romanizing a hangul name the proper way.

And, YES, SM Entertainment. I think it’s time you add a “Directed by:” credit in your YouTube description box. I’ve spent over 5 years ranting about this.

— UPDATE January 6, 2017 —

Röntgen Film is now known as Purple Straw Film (퍼플 스트로우) [Facebook].


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