Khalil Fong featuring Ghost Style – Cheung Wing Sing

Directed by Shern Sharma, the new single by Hong Kong-based Khalil Fong boasts a weird combination between some rock&roll mixed in with some rap, courtesy of Hong Kong rapper Ghost Style.

The video also features some awkward date with Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei (薛凱琪) and references to Pulp Fiction.

The song is featured on Fong’s latest album 15. Cheung Wing Sing refers to Yip Man’s wife, the martial artists who ended up being Bruce Lee’s master and ended up having a series of films made of him.

Opponent, we have no animosity towards each other
I do not have a golden belt on my back
My wife makes me feel fortunate
Your tone is so boastful
Why isn’t your voice tired?
(I cannot help it that you are asking for trouble

You can check the translations over Yanhana’s Posterous.

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