TVXQ! – Before U Go (Dance Version)

After the long-form music video for Before U Go DBSK released a few days ago, they released the dance version of the single on march 28th.

Well, what can I say? I’m totally biased towards the matter, so my instant reactions are not something to be shared this publicly. But I like the white suits, I love the dance. I love how they break it down. What I do not love is Changmin and Yunho in silk shirts, touching their faces longingly in the wind… too much old-school BSB if you ask me.

The MV was directed by Hong Won Ki (SHINee’s Hello, Super Junior-M’s Too Perfect)


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  1. yam magazine says:

    re-worded a bit on the first line of your post.

  2. amy says:

    I wanted to say that Yuhno’s silver top (coz that’s not a tee xD) is so gay. I’m sorry, had to say it. Plus the humping of the air with all male dancers…

    Having said that, I like the minimalist look. You know that. I really dig it. The only thing that throws me off a little bit is one of the dancers in the video, you might have noticed him. He’s the shortest and chubbiest of the dancers, I don’t want to discriminate against him, but he throws the balance of the image off. LOL

    • Julili says:

      @amy, Lol, he is one of their Korean back up dancers, he has been with them for some years now. Yeah, he kind f throws the thing off, I understand what u mean.
      Pity the Japanese dancers had to go back after KYHD.

      I’m so conflicted with this dance and song. The beat anf melody suggest a sensual feeling yet the lyrics talk about heartbreak. So I get the whole HoMin with their buddies dancing away their angst…. but the humping and touching? Yeah but no.

      I my imagination, this song is about coitus and the backup dancers are females that HoMin grind against to…. SME should really hire me.

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