Chris Lee – Hello Baby

Hi, EE Media, I love you. Thank you so much for posting the video director’s name, writer and composer.

Chris Lee amuses me. She can’t really dance — not in a tight, military precision, take-your-breath-away kind of way — but she loves to dance, and I am no one to tell her to stop dancing. Her third single, Hello Baby, from her latest album Old If Not Wild wasn’t really my favorite… but I did see the pop cabaret-y influences that would be more in tune with the likes of the Wonder Girls.

Composed by Lee Hyeon Wook (though Hangul romanization seems iffy between Hyeon/Hyun) and written by Albert Leung, the song gives Li Yuchun what she likes — fun beats. Plus, the visuals of the video, directed by Vernie Yeung, fit the feeling of the song quite perfectly.

There’s also an unofficial YouTube upload.

EE Media, you should really officialize your YouTube presence.

I’m up for negotiations ;P


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