A Confession About Classical Movies

I am here writing a confession. A confession so grave that it might make the wires on Cinema Fanatic to go haywire (because we all know that she is a robot created by TCM).

I don’t like classic movies.

At all.

Before you start throwing stuff at me and write comments about the importance/brilliance of classic movies, yes I am aware of all that. I, myself, am an avid lover of classic literature. If it’s old and dusty, I will devour it in a day.

I am also a huge fan of history. I’m so enthralled with the way people lived back then. How society and humanity has developed throughout time. I am sometimes much more interested in the past then the future.

So combining those two things together, one would think that I would love classic movies. I mean, I do find them interesting. If anything, classic movies are an amazing way to preserve and study the way society was at that point in time. So I should be all over them, but sadly I’m not.

But that’s not the real confession here. Seeing as this blogathon issues with movies from 1939, well here is the real shocker: I don’t like The Wizard of Oz, didn’t mind Gone With the Wind that much (sorry Juan).

Sadly not for me

While the flame comments start raging down all over here, let me explain myself: OK no, there’s nothing to explain. I really don’t care that much for those two movies. Sure, The Wizard of Oz is quite visually stunning, but besides Over The Rainbow you will find me yawning.

Then with Gone With the Wind, I think it is the story that turns me off a little. It’s so over-dramatic. Clark Gable was fine and very dashing, but yeah, Scarlett O’hara is not one of my favourite characters in cinema history.

Now my horrible secret is out in the open. I bet Cinema Fanatic and Juan have loads to say. I will let you guys do so while I go watch The Little Princess with Shirley Temple. I do remember liking it, so who knows? I might learn to love classic movies after all.

Part of the unofficial 1939 blogathon hosted by YAMThe official 1939 blogathon is hosted by the CMBA.


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  1. I’m just going to sit here and twitch a little and then kick back in gear and watch Henry Fonda movies all day.

    but, I will say I am not the hugest fan of The Wizard of Oz either. I mean, I like it, but I never *loved* it.

    • Julili says:

      @Cinema Fanatic, Lol aw Marya! People are so up in the wall for the Wizard of Oz, it such a cult classic. Sure it’s good but I just don’t like it that much.
      Same thing with the Sound of Music, I like one song and don’t care for the rest.

  2. Dani says:

    Funny, I love classical movies but absolutely despite history and classical litterature. Too each his own

  3. Dani says:

    *despise, sorry, was too distracted by shiny stuff

  4. amy says:

    I think the love of The Wizard of Oz comes from… memories of it as a kid. I do remember my pirated tape that my dad recorded of the video store hahaha. You know, it is that magic moment when Dorothy opens that door and the colors appear?

    I just re-watched the whole thing for the DVD review, I was supposed to just watch the quality of the video and audio for a while and then the whole extras, but I kept saying “Ok, I’ll switch discs after this song” LOL I ended up watching the whole thing. xD

    My short confession is that… well, my mom’s favorite film is Gone with the Wind. When I was four or five, my mom used to have a copy recorded off the tv, my dad had his own copy of Enter the Dragon (off Panamericana Television xD) that I watched a lot – but being the kid that I was… I grabbed my mom’s favorite movie, and taped cartoons over it. O_O xD

    I made up for it in 2005 when I bought that Gone with the Wind Collector’s Edition for her.

  5. Mirella Snape says:

    I like 1939’s The Wizard of Oz because of its songs and the evil witch/flying monkies combos. But I also think the “pretty witch” was a downright bitch who tricked stupid Dorothy into doing the journey XD
    About Gone with the Wind… I like it on a technical level… but I find both Scarlett and Rhett very disagreeable people and I would bitchslap both if I were to meet them in real life. That said “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” is made of awesome XD

  6. Castor says:

    I used to be one of those person who would watch only contemporary movies but as of late, I’m much more open to seeing any kind of movies from black and white to silent era movies.

  7. Joel Burman says:

    Julili: You need to watch the right classical movies to start with, why don’t you try Stagecoach or maybe Les Diaboliques they are great action and thriller classics that still hold up really well.

  1. April 19, 2014

    […] about this movie is that I like it more than I dislike it, so I guess that is good (considering my previous confession). I think that I am going to watch some more Shirley Temple movies in the near […]

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