How to Keep your Family Entertained During Holidays~

If the holidays are approaching, then it pays to plan some fun activities. You don’t want your kids spending the whole time indoors so take the opportunity to get them away from tablets and phones. To give you some ideas we have listed some activities below that are typically a hit with children.

Just remember to be organized for each outing and make sure everyone stays safe, especially if you have very young children.


Go-karting is fun for the whole family. The competitive factor will encourage participation and make for some close racing.

Make sure you select a go-kart track that has a range of both kids and adult go-karts. Also, check that that operators will supply you with all the required safety gear (helmet, gloves, etc.).

Many go-kart companies allow you to select from a range of different vehicles: If you’re not sure which type of go-kart you want to drive then read a go karts review before you go, to learn about the different options.

Hit the Cinema Hall

Movie theaters are a dying breed, with multiplexes killing most of them one by one [with exceptions], so it’d be nice to check your nearest Cultural Center or Cinematheque for a spooky first-viewing of Nosferatu *evil laugh* or your first experience with The Wizard of Oz. Watch out for cinemas’ special presentations; you might end up catching a Studio Ghibli Retrospective if you look hard enough ;P

Not the movie geek type? It’s okay, all of you can be spoiled by the latest blockbuster at your most convenient location.

Give Fishing A Whirl

Kids love to fish, so what better way for a relaxing outing than trying to catch dinner. If you don’t already own rods, then you can always pick up some cheap hand lines for a few bucks or borrow gear from a friend. Don’t think you need a boat either as fishing from the land will still be entertaining.

Remember, if your kids are inexperienced at fishing, they will likely need assistance untangling their line, tying on hooks and sinkers, and hauling in a fish if they do manage to get one.

Hit The Beach

Unless you’re in the midst of a cold and gloomy winter, then taking your family to the beach is a great option. You should bring boogie boards for the kids and a bucket and shovel, in case someone decides to build a sandcastle, and man~ GO WILD with the sand~~~

Just make sure you are equipped for a long day in the sun as chances are your children won’t want to leave, and sunburns are terrible!

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