Broad City – Season 1


Adapted from a web series of the same name, Broad City follows the mundane misadventures of two young women living in NYC, Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson). Broke, reckless, and even careless at times, these best friends prove that poor decisions and a little bit of boldness is all you need to come up with comedy gold.

Produced by Amy Poehler, Broad City presents a funny and irreverent perspective on the lives of twenty-something women who watch Netflix all night and get up to their underpaid jobs in NYC. Abbi and Ilana aren’t your typical grounded or well-adjusted young characters. They are this torpedo of energy and attitude, willing to risk about almost everything in order to have a good time or to come on top in their wacky and nutty schemes. These women might not be too likable to some, but that’s not the point. They are funny and they will entertain you.

Apart from the great chemistry between the leading ladies, I should also mention the guest stars. Comedy actors such as Fred Armisen, Janeane Garofalo and even Poehler herself are some of the guest stars on this show, and they mostly play ridiculous characters in unbelievablyweird or awkward situations a la FX’s Louie. In addition to them, comedian and actor Hannibal Buress plays Ilana’s not-so-serious-but-kind-of-serious sex object/love-interest Lincoln. He is Iliana and Abbi’s sidekick at times, but he is also a grown-up man with a real job. Or at least that’s what he intends to be.

I got to admit that I wasn’t into the show at first, but after a couple of episodes I found myself rooting for Abbi and Ilana and laughing hysterically at some of the show’s most hilarious moments. Yes, there is some bathroom humor and quite some heavy pot use. However, the gags become smarter and funnier as the show progresses.

Season 2 of is set to premiere on January 14, 2015 on Comedy Central. So if you’re into the mood of having some silly laughs and watching two girls having fun in NYC, give this show a try!

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

P.S.: If you really liked this show and you want more before Season 2 premieres, check out the Broad City channel on YouTube. The web series is there as well as other funny clips.


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