Isaac Delgado – L.O.V.E.

Release date: August 31, 2010
Label: Sony Classical


  1. Perfidia (Perfidy)
  2. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas/Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
  3. Tiernamente (Tenderly)
  4. Ay Cosita Linda (Hey Pretty Thing)
  5. Suas Maos (Her Hands)
  6. A su Mirar Me Acostumbre (I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face)
  7. Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin)
  8. Aquellos Ojos Verdes/Green Eyes
  9. L-O-V-E (En Español)
  10. Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros (I Sell a Pair of Black Eyes)
  11. Hojas Muertas (Les Feuilles Mortes)
  12. No Tengo Lagrimas (Nao Tenho Lagrimas) / I Don’t Have Tears

Never understood cover tribute albums, but Isaac Delgado’s tribute to Nat King Cole en Español gives more than a playful re-imagining of the songs in Spanish. It’s got Latin Jazz soul.

The whole album plays out steadily throughout its 12 songs that includes classic King Cole tracks like Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps and L-O-V-E. But perhaps the best songs in the album are the most Latin-sounding songs like the Spanish version of Portuguese Nao Tenho Lagrimas that says “Quiero llorar/no tengo lagrimas/como no tengo lagrimas/prefiero yo reir” [I want to cry/don’t have tears/since I have no tears/I prefer to laugh].

Highlights: Quizas Quizas Quizas, Ay Cosita Linda, Piel Canela, No Tengo Lagrimas.

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

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