Buono! – Buono! 2

Release date: February 11, 2009
Label: Pony Canyon


  1. Early Bird
  2. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
  3. キラキラ (Sparkling)
  4. 消失点ー (Vanishing Point)
  5. ロッタラ ロッタラ (Rottara Rottara)
  6. co・no・mi・chi (This Road)
  7. みんなだいすき (Love Everyone)
  8. I Need You
  9. ガチンコでいこう! (Do Your Best and Go!)
  10. You’re My Friend
  11. Over the Rainbow
  12. ゴール (Goal)

Buono! is what is good and perfect in the H!P family. Sure, they are heavily produced, but if you love anime music then this is the album for you. Every song on this album is like a perfect cousin to the song before. It is filled with a pop rock flavor with impressive guitar arrangements. The girls have the right amount of cuteness in their voices and the lyrics are, for the most part, very cute.

I highly recommend the last song. It stands out from he rest of the album, and if it is a hint of what’s to come from Buono!, then I will be a very happy fan. It is going to be a pleasure to see them live in about a month.

This is the perfect album for the coming spring. It is filled with sunshine and butterflies!

Rating: ★★★★½ 


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