SS501 – Destination

Release date: May 25, 2010
Label: DSP Media


  1. Let Me Be the One
  2. Love Ya
  3. Crazy 4 U
  4. 영원토록 (Forever)
  5. Let Me Be the One Acoustic Version
  6. Love Ya Instrumental

The South Korean quintet comes back with a darker concept but hardly a darker sound. I am blown away as to how well produced this mini is.

I love it when it keeps a steady balance between songs. Starting with the slow and sexy R&B Let Me Be the One. Then they amp it up a whole lot with Love Ya, which is strong with heavy beats; they keep that up with Crazy 4 U, shifting between tempos so you are slowly being brought down. Then with Forever, we are where we started off but with a pure soft ballad.

Lastly, with the acoustic version of Let Me Be the One, the mini is brought to a perfect finish. I don’t think that SS501 have sounded as perfect and balanced as they did there. It is really impossible to describe this perfection. This is the mini you all should have in your collection this year.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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