NEWS – Live

Release date: September 15, 2010
Label: Johnny’s Entertainment


  1. 恋のABO (Koi no ABO)
  2. LIVE
  3. 生まれし君へ (To You Who Was Born)
  4. Supernatural
  5. 秋の空 (Autumn Sky)
  6. 2人/130000000の奇跡 (2 people/130 Million Miracles)
  7. Dancin’ in the Secret
  8. ワンダーランド (Wonderland)
  9. さくらガール (Sakura Girl)
  10. BE FUNKY !
  11. D.T.F
  12. 内容の無い手紙 (A Letter Without Contents)
  13. エンドレス・サマー (Endless Summer)
  14. Share
  15. Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

I guess Johnny’s ENT finally got tired of all the rabid fangirls bawling their eyes out because NEWS had not been active in almost two years, so they gave them an album to calm the eff down.

I wonder why the hell I am a NEWS fangirl. It is not like they can sing, it is not like they can dance. Sure, some of them are cute and charming, but besides that, what do they have to offer as music artists? NEWS is known for their happy, light and genki music! This is exactly what the album is filled with. It is your typical NEWS sound, nothing too complicated, light J-pop with one or two tracks that really stand out. According to me this is not the best they have done. Their previous albums have been so much better. Something is lacking here, perhaps more happiness? And where are the member solos? I guess they really put this album out to appease the fangirls.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 


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