Acid Android – 13:day:dream

Release date: July 13, 2010
Label: Sony Music Entertainment


  1. guide into daydream
  2. violent parade
  3. gamble
  4. clockwork dance
  5. useless action
  6. i.w.o.m.f.p.p. just an android
  7. violator
  8. balancing doll
  9. defunct
  10. swallowtail
  11. a moon tonight
  12. a lull in the wind
  13. lullaby

Yukihiro — drummer of the popular band l’Arc~en~Ciel — tops himself with what I believe is a masterpiece. Every song on the album is fantastic.

13:day:dream is somewhat between electronic and industrial rock with very dark and intense sequences that make it sound like a midnight feverish dream. It’s like an acid trip around a lot of different sensations. A lull in the wind and a moon tonight bring a very melancholic atmosphere just before balancing doll breaks the silence, and the hard rock guitars appear.

All the songs are quality, but there’s one that breaks your brains — violent parade. It has a very unique sound that defines the style of the band. It’s like a roller-coaster.

Yukihiro’s voice sounds better than ever, imperfect but beautiful.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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by Luis Vidal

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