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Lizette & – Just Smile

Industrial Rock. It is a genre that you normally don’t hear that much of when you put on your normal radio station, and therefore Lizette& will function as a fresh breeze in your everyday ear when you have tired of listening to mainstream rock music.


Human League, The – Credo

Credo, The Human League’s latest release, is a trip back to the days of cheerful synthpop, keytars and ugly haircuts -– the good old 80s. It is a venture back to their comfort zone, a blast from the past with slight notes of contemporary electronica and an upbeat attitude.


Sucker Punch OST

Most of the time, films use music to fill in awkward gaps in dialogue, or for random mash-up scenes that are meant to pull on your emotional heart strings. Sucker Punch used the music to tell the story


Sucker Punch

When 20-year-old Baby Doll loses her mother she knows instantly that she has to protect herself and her little sister from their stepfather. But things don’t go as planned: Baby Doll’s sister is dead, she has a gun in her hand and her stepfather winds up committing her to a mental institution.