Remember You Trailer with English Subtitles

Crowdsourcing is a test on people’s patience~ xD

It’s been a while, but Lee Yoon Jung’s full-length re-adaptation of her 2010 short Remember O Goddess — for which I gave my own couple of grains of sand — is finally here. And it looks fabulous~

The trailer actually came out ten days ago, but I waited for the subtitled version to publish. The film, now titled Remember You (나를 잊지 말아요), follows the life of a man (Jung Woo-Sung) that has lost his memory of the last ten years, as he falls in love with a woman (Kim Ha-Neul) that is related to it.

Remember You is set to be the first Korean release of the Korean 2016 calendar, set for a January 7th release.

For the campaign, Julyssa and I did interviews with writer director Lee Yoon Jung, and then star Kim Jung-Tae.


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