Cinderella’s Sister

Otherwise known as Cinderella Unni, Cinderella’s Stepsister or A Modern Story of Revenge. This Korean 20-episode melodrama has two companies battling against each other, a bastard son, a widower, a woman that doesn’t know how to work to be able to survive, a spoiled child, a mentally abused girl and a little boy longing for a first love. A family drama filled with frustration, lovers not able to love, jealousy, loneliness and a lot of tears. A heck of lot of tears. Because I don’t think I have seen characters cry so much as they do in this drama. [points to promo image]

But here is the thing. I am raised with Latin melodramas. Sure, some are of the very bad quality with horrible plot and even more horrible character development, but there is something about melodramas that make you watch them. No matter how retarded they can be, you just can’t stop watching.

Yet here it is where Korean melodramas pawn and just owns it: production. Lord have mercy, how Korea loves to heavenly produce their dramas. From scenery, to wardrobe, to photography. The quality is almost as good as a Hollywood movie, which makes it easy to watch. But then there is something special about these ones in particular; it could be the language, the social codes of conduct or perhaps the fact that Korean men are hot (personal opinion, of course). This drama is filled with so much melancholy and angst that it is rip-your-hair-out inducing, but the actors are good, the feelings are heartbreaking and the plot is engaging. It could be a bit hard to watch because of the voice of the actress that plays “Cinderella”, but as long as you mute her, then it is a worth watch.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


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