As One (Korean Film) Teaser Trailer with English Subtitles

South Korean actresses Doona Bae and Ha Ji-Won get together for the movie As One (코리아) — literally titled Korea in its original language. It tells the story of the first ever united South and North Korean (after the Korean War) table tennis team that competed (and won) at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan.

Ha Ji-Won will play Hyun Jung-Hwa, whose interviews served to write the script of the movie, which is being directed by Moon Hyun-Sung. The role of North Korean table tennis player Lee Boon-Hee is being played by Bae.

As One is set for a May 3rd 2012 release in South Korea.

2 Responses

  1. Julyssa Diaz says:

    Ahhh! Flipping my shit! Two of my favorite Korean actresses in one movie! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO KICK ASS! I mean Bae and Ji-Won? That’s like so much girlpower right there and they are playing opposite countries and they are both so talented and powerful and like. SERIOUSLY FLIPPING MY SHIT HERE!!!
    I feel that this is this years Sunny. NO DOUBT!

    • amy says:

      @Julyssa Diaz, I just feel I’m going to cry a lot in the movie hahaha – there’s just something about all the peple holding their united Korean flag. Plus, all this two Koreas business always makes me teary.

      Anyway, I love girl power, I love table tennis hahaha so I’m mad excited anyway xD