Gloria – Ep01-Ep12

Gloria’s first 12 episodes (of a lasting 50) are a light drama story with comedic moments and a bit of music. It tells the story of four characters — first, Na Jin Jin (Doona Bae), who at 30 years old works multiple jobs to make ends meet and to take care of her older sister Na Jin Joo (Hyun Kyung Oh), who’s lost her sanity after becoming one of the major pop stars when Jin Jin was little. Jin Jin has a love/hate relationship with Dong Ah (Chunhee Lee), her childhood good for nothing but fighting friend.

On the other side, there’s Kang Suk (Ji Suk Suh), the rich boy whose mother’s the mistress and therefore is treated like trash at home by the “official” woman of his father. And finally there’s Yoon Seo (Yi Hyun So) whose mother is also the mistress of her father, but instead is treated like trash at home by her own mother. Drama seems to be ensuing, and Jin Jin’s on the road to becoming a singer just like her older sister with Kang Suk’s help, while Yoon Seo seems to be getting self-esteem lessons with Dong Ah, who’s learning how to yearn for something in his life.

What seems to be interesting about this drama is Jin Jin’s struggle with her sister’s disease, as well as her close relationship with the people she lives with, which includes Dong Ah’s nephew Eo Jin (Bo Geun Chun) and the Grandma (Young Ok Kim). The series is certainly telenovela-like —I have no idea why they’re waiting to dub this and broadcast it locally. There’s also a great character in Kang Suk’s mother (Young Hee Na) who plays the mistress tired of being in love, and guide to newly singing Jin Jin.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  1. kamalachan says:

    Is this a new or old drama? My interest is surely piqued that's for sure!

  1. July 15, 2014

    […] I’ve been able to catch most of Bae’s main body of work outside TV — except for Gloria. And it’s been nothing short of amazing. General audiences might recognize her as the sexy […]

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