Gloria – Ep13-Ep25

In the next 12 episodes of Gloria, the story starts to grow into the crescendo of drama that is essential in all telenovelas!

The pace of Gloria is slow without being boring. The relationships between the characters grow in a natural pace, there is no “love at first sight” scenarios. Although, one relationship did develop a little fast, but I understand that is because of the situation the couple is in.

Here is the interesting part of this drama. At first, we are presented to the characters and their lives. Their families, jobs, some part of their past, we are given small glimpses into what made the characters who they are today. We get to know more about Na Jin Joo’s (Hyun Kyung Oh) story, the accident that led to her current condition, and how Na Jin Jin (Doona Bae) struggled to stay alive.

We are given a bit of the puzzle, as a new puzzle is being created because of the new connections being made. Yet it is not messy, it is not hard to understand how each piece fits. Gloria also lacks a lot of the “cheese” that telenovelas are known for, but with the dialogue this feels mature, and it keeps me coming for more. The plot is the same that you see in loads of dramas — poor girl falling in love with rich boy, a shocking past, some huge secrets that could destroy all. Yet in Gloria this is not a burden. Although you can figure out where it is heading, that doesn’t make you disregard the story.

For me, it is all about Doona Bae and Ji Suk Suh, especially the latter. The way his character is developing is making me squeal like a little girl. He is so adorable, she is so adorable and they are beyond adorable together. Guh!

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

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  1. amy says:

    Halfway through this, but… is the relationship that’s going to fast the one with Yoon Seo and Dong Ah?

    I disagree with your assesment of Ji Suk Suh, you might like him but I think of the four leads in the series, Doona Bae’s character is the one with the better material. The other three are interchangeable when they have their moments…

    Yoon Seo’s character works mainly because of how awful her mother is. Without her mother, Yoon Seo’s weaknesses wouldn’t work.

    Kansuk has his moments, but most of the times it feels repetitive. Kinda makes me feel like her mother saying over and over again, here comes Kansuk with the shoe-face~

    Dong Ah… or I guess Chunhee doesn’t always nail it with the acting… or I guess “over-nails it” a lot. There’s one moment that really REALLY worked, when he tells of his nephew for working for a dollar a day instead of studying for his dream to go to America… while the Grandma looked. From half the series, that’s pretty much the only outstanding moment of him.

    I’m a little disappointed in how Na Jin Joo’s story is unfolding, and how it weaves into the rest of the story. Kansuk’s brother is just a really really bad not-an-antagonist, and created really unnecessary bad drama.

    I like Kansuk’s mother though, her drama is good.

  2. amy says:

    Ok, you haven’t replied to me because I wrote my reply before Castor taught you to reply hahaha.

    About to watch Ep25 – Kansuk’s brother and his mom are turning into really bad antagonists, the brother is worse than he was before, and the mom is just doing pure non-sense now. Same with Dong Ah’s uncle.

    I think that whole storyline is a bit weird, and sometimes I wonder why couldn’t Na Jin Joo just be the way she is just because…

    • julili says:

      @amy, LOL I don’t even remember why I didn’t reply.
      Loca from that point on, just focus on the love stories, ignore the other drama, keep your eyes on Doona.
      I’m on epi 37 and yeah, the thing with the brother gets worse and is such unnecessary drama. But trust me Kansuk and Gloria are worth it!

      • amy says:

        @julili, actually- i think I’m going to get bored of rich boy/poor girl… maybe poor boy/rich girl. I’ll give it a thumb up if it ends up poor boy/poor girl. And you know why? Besides being realistic… Youngseo only got through Dong Ah because of what Gloria told her, and Kangsuk got through Gloria with what Dong Ah told him.

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