Su Yunying – Savory Fantasy

Forgive the rough translations to the songs, but it’s not like Su Yunying and Sony Taiwan have provided official English titles for them. In any case, after her performance of Mayday’s Contentment (知足) [MV] in this year’s season of I Am Singer (我是歌手) [1]; Su Yunying has released the equally magical, less mysterious and more playful Savory Fantasy (my translation, 香香的幻想 Xiang Xiang de Huan Xiang), the second single from my favorite non-2016 2016 album– Ming Ming (冥明).

It was also directed by Chihpo Wang (王志伯).

YesAsia is currently stocked on physical versions of her album. It’s also available on Spotify for all you streamers, maybe on Xiami, and KKBOX.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m in love with this song and Su Yunying. I first heard this song on an airplane ride after a family trip to South Korea. Now this song will forever be nostalgic to me. It was so beautiful and I listened to the entire album the majority of the time on the plane heading back to the USA. She’s so magical.

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