Salyu – Jibun ga Inai (Live)

After the release of s(o)un(d)beams in 2011, Salyu and Cornelius have dusted off the salyu x salyu moniker for the Ghost in the Shell franchise, which has released a four-part OVA [1] titled Ghost in the Shell: Arise. The first episode of the series, titled Border 1: Ghost Pain, was just released in June 22, with the following episode Border 2: Ghost Whispers being released in late November.

This salyu x salyu song is titled Jibun ga Inai (じぶんがいない, somehow transliterated to “jibunngainai” by Toys Factory), which seems to be translated to You Are Not Alone, serves as the theme for Ghost Pain. It’s being performed live at the studio alongside Cornelius, Yumiko Ohno, and Hiroko Yamaguchi. It’s pure salyu x salyu style.

The Ghost in the Shell: Arise single also contains a song by Cornelius with the same name, and can be purchased through iTunes.

— EDIT August 6th 2013 —

A short clip of a music video featuring several salyu x salyu is out.

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