Quantic & Alice Russell – Magdalena

British soul singer Alice Russell joined Will Holland (Quantic), a Colombia-based musician and music producer, for a 2012 collaboration titled Look Around the Corner, released last April. Their latest single is Magdalena, a stop-motion/lyric music video hybrid directed by US-based Spaniard Lucas Borrás, who worked with 2500 photographs that were hand-painted, cut and animated through the +3-minute music video.

The song is a Latin funk soul plead asking Magdalena and Bobby to value themselves.

You can follow both Quantic and Alice Russell on Twitter [1][2].

You can check out Look Around the Corner on iTunes.

Directed by: Lucas Borrás
Prodiction company: m ss ng p eces
Executive producer: Ari Kushnir
Creative consultant & character illustrations: Carlota Santamaria
Assistant producer: Begonia Berges
Animation, typography illustrations, edit & post: Lucas Borrás.
Actress: Gema Asenjo.

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