M.I.C – Lonely Night

What happens when you’re searching for updated videos about Rafael Nadal and you randomly stumble upon Chinese R&B? Well… confusion and more confusion… in Chonglish. The latest video from Chinese R&B/rap boy band M.I.C entitled Lonely Night definitely sets itself up as something of a smooth R&B jam. The intro is indeed smooth — as smooth as the snake slithering up Zhao Yongxin’s body, like some not-so subtle hint at the sexuality the group is trying to portray in the video. Then it starts to get a little… “extra” may be the best word in this situation. See for yourself.

The visuals of the piece are actually stunning, wrapped in a dark color palette that is clearly put through a soft filter. Each member engenders a different character, from a charming prince, to what can only be described as a brooding vampire. Therefore, each environment is unique and seems to convey a different level of sensuality for each character. The imagery is pretty interesting, albeit a bit on the over the top side. It does get a little cheesy with the red candles, the leather couches, and the random crystals popping up everywhere, but the muted colors make the extravagant images bearable.

However, what definitely just made me quirk an eyebrow at the young group of men is their… English? Indeed, whomever writes their English lyrics seriously needs to take a course or two on the subject. Random bits of funny English can be forgiven; however, it seems the boys were trying to be a bit ambitious and performed a substantial part of the lyrics in a language they truly do not understand. It makes for an interesting, if not confusing watch.

But the boys are cute, they’re young, and the potential for them to be a very prominent part of Chinese pop (as one of the few boy bands in the country) means they’ll have an interesting ride ahead of them.

The single is officially set to be released on 11 November — apparently that’s Singles Day… go figure.

There is also a YinYueTai version of the video.

Their second mini-album SE.COLORS was released 14 August and is available at Xiami.


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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  1. amy says:

    Hahaha, you’ll find that… Lonely Night is far from their best track in the album. I’m not entirely sure of the situation of boybands in Mainland, but they seem to be the most prominent of new boybands. The english, sadly to have to confirm, was at the hands of the guys. The band is known for having quite a bit of input in what they do, so the Conglish is all them.

    And yes, there is such a thing in China as Singles’ Day which was created to counter Valentine’s Day. If you check the review for Love Is Not Blind, that was a hit released last year in time for Singles’ Day. It’s about celebrating your independence! xD No need for a significant other to go out to a fancy dinner or have fun… in China, you don’t even need to have a significant other to have a special day. xD

    • Camiele says:

      @amy, HaHa! ROCK ON! And WHY exactly we don’t have that in the States, I have no idea. Well, maybe I do — the emphasis on NEEDING to have a boyfriend (mostly). But, dammit, I wanna day that celebrates being Sexy, Free, and Single (oh yeah, totally went there). You know, celebrating with my homies, drinking and giving EACH OTHER chocolates… HaHa.

      I think they definitely need to get someone to help them with that there English. I don’t even know why it’s a necessity that so much of the song be in English. There was a discussion about Asian singers singing in English (or something to that effect) on YAM, wasn’t there? I don’t really think it should be such a big deal, but if they’re gonna do it, I mean, it should probably make just slightly more sense than it does here, ne?

      • amy says:

        @Camiele, I think they’re just playing (or butchering! whatever anyone’s take on English is…). Maybe they MEAN to Konglish their way into something to make a point… the problem is that the lyrics are fucking THERE, so you literally go “WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY SAYING” LOL without the lyrics on screen, I think they will get away with it.

        Then again, the question is~~~~~~~~ would you have blogged them if not for their Konglish?

        • Camiele says:

          @amy, Yeah I would’ve because it’s a new video and I’ve never actually experience Cpop, really. So I was real excited to see it… HaHA. Then the video itself NEEDS to be SAW! HaHa! There’s just layers of stuff… the Konglish on screen was just a bonus, tbh… HaHa.

  2. amy says:

    You are probably going to be offended like heck when you reach the mv of Hangover Part 1 hahahaha, coz that video was… eeeeeeeeek. I don’t really dig MIC’s MVs that much. But they have some good tracks when listened through the album xD You should try my two highlights from their V album (review in the related reviews section).

    I might try and give this second album a review.

    Julyssa hates them, even though she LOVED them when she first listened to them. I should have the FB convos to back that up. LOL

    • Camiele says:

      @amy, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sometimes it’s interesting to come to things late… HaHa. I read your review of V, but I didn’t check out the songs yet. Are there more awkward English things happening?

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