MBLAQ – Your Luv

There has been some mixed feelings about MBLAQ’s most recent release Your Luv.  It’s the first Japanese release from the Korean group. Most people are excited for the release of the single, but many are noticing the overwhelming, “J-Popness” of it.  Music video starts at about the 1:10 mark.

I think the video looks a little too Arashi and not enough MBLAQ. It reminds me of the way Rain changed when he went to Japan too. I get disconcerted watching them and hearing Japanese coming out of their mouths. Their voices change too — like most guys when they sing out of their native language.  The single will be released in May. I’m looking forward to it because I actually liked Rain’s Japanese album better than most of his Korean ones.

Pick it up on YesAsia in all it’s many glorious versions.


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