Hyun Joong Kim – Break Down (EP)

Release date: June 08, 2011
Label: Keyeast


  1. Intro (Let Me Go)
  2. Break Down (feat. Double K)
  3. 제발 (Please)
  4. Kiss Kiss
  5. Yes I Will
  6. 제발 (Please) [Instrumental]

Aw, Hyun Joong Kim, the ways I love thee. None of them have anything to do with your singing abilities, so I was more than surprised when Break Down came out. Surprised because the overall sound of the EP is really good and because you don’t sound that bad.

The singles itself are like a love baby between Rain and Se7en — but lite. Not that it’s bad, but it feels like Hyun Joong is dipping his toes in the r&b genre without going at it full force. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to be Rain, heck there needs to be more Rains in the Korean music scene. But Hyun Joong just teases us with it, but I guess that’s better than the alternative. At least he knows to work his “sexiness” to his advantage and in the songs Break Down and Please, that works perfectly.

The EP is a lovechild to the last SS501 EP Destination (which is still one of the best Kpop EPs released last year). Being the last EP SS501 released before them going their separate ways — with Break Down, Hyun Joong seems to be taking that sound but amping it to another level. Destination was very much soft r&b with a slight pop feel, Break Down is that but with a little more umph. I hate to say it, but it kind of reminds me of Chris Brown. I can’t describe it better.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  1. amy says:

    Wait, I think you have a pretty bad case of typos. You’ve typed Brake Down several times and I’m pretty sure it’s Break Down. xD

  1. April 14, 2014

    […] am not feeling the song that much. I was hoping for better things after his Break Down EP, with all the sexiness and rnb songs. Now he has destroyed his hair and he looks malnourished. What […]

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