Hebe Tien – Give Me a Better Rival

Hebe Tien’s third single is out, promoting her second album My Love, which was released at the beginning of the month. Entitled Give Me a Better Rival (請你給我好一點的情敵), the song was written by Huang Qing Qi (黃慶綺), who is credited with the pseudonym Li Ge Di (李格弟). The music was composed by Taiwanese musician Deserts Chang (张悬), who is credited with her real name, Jiao Anpu (焦安溥).

In the music video, Hebe wakes up in bed next to another couple. She looks upon the couple and competes against her lover’s others lovers, whom she deems not worthy to be her rivals.

Please, give me a better rival
At least let me enjoy the competition
At least to believe being abandoned has a reason

You can check translations for the lyrics over at What Love Songs Didn’t Tell You.

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