TVXQ! – Before U Go

Latest single Before U Go (이것만은 알고가) is an R&B song from now duo DBSK, who have just released a repackaged version of their album Keep Your Head Down, released early January this year.

The video, starring Changmin and Yunho, also features Go Ara (Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea) and Choi Jong Yoon, and has been developed to look like a high quality crime mystery action drama.


Who directed Before U Go?

What is it so difficult for Kpop companies and/or Kpop fans to include MV director credits?


Check the Long-form version of the music video (16 min.)

MV is directed by Jo Soo Hyun (or Cho Soo-hyun).

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  1. amy says:

    Seriously, why is it so difficult to find Korean MV director credits?

    • julili says:

      @amy, cus they don’t curr

      • amy says:

        @julili, their companies don’t even care. They should at least sneak in a director credit when the title card is shown. But nothing.

        Finding out Chinese/Taiwanese directors is easier.

        • Julili says:

          @amy, as sad as it is, in Korea, being an MV director means close to nothing…. so therefore no credits cus it’s the idols that make the MV… not the director.
          Yes, I know that’s not the truth but that’s the truth for them

  2. julili says:


  3. ghost says:

    Awesome video, it sucks we don’t know who shot it.

  4. Julili says:

    Jo Soo Hyun directed the MV!

  5. Camiele says:

    Sex. Y!

    I’m done.

  1. May 22, 2011

    […] decided to release — alongside a repackaged version of their album — the single for Before U Go with a music video styled as a slick action crime drama. The regular 5min. version of the video is […]

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