Ten Hot Multiracial Entertainers

Let’s forget about co-productions and collaborations in the worldwide entertainment industry for a second. Let us become a little bit shallow, and talk about how hot multiracial stars are. We are obviously skipping some of the most well-known multiracial entertainers like Johnny Depp (Irish, German and part Cherokee), Halle Berry (Caucasian/African American), Thandie Newton (English/Zimbabwean), Keanu Reeves (English, Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese), Salma Hayek (Lebanese/Spanish), Lenny Kravitz (Russian Bahamian) — and if we want to stretch this, Kate Beckinsale who apparently is ⅛ Burmese.

There are tons of people around the world who are multiracial, or mixed-race, and the number is just going to get bigger and bigger as the years go by. There’s probably going to be a day when everyone in the world has a little bit of everything inside of them ; D

Much of what we like about the entertainment industry gets to us through our eyes, so why not take a look at ten people, that you may or may not know were multiracial.

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  1. amy says:

    You know we’re doing this because commenting on how hot people are usually gets you hits, right? LOL Why choose Barbara Mori, though? Outside of La Mujer de mi Hermano, I’m lost as to what she’s done.

  2. ghost says:

    @amy, I wanted to have a Latina in it. She seemed like an interesting mix, even though she doesn’t look thaaaaat Mori. Just like Meisa doesn’t look Panamanian.

  3. Jenna says:

    Takeshi-Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!! All other names become irrelevant once you stick him on a list. haha! (Yes, even the hot – fellow mid-western boy Daniel Henney pales in comparison)

  4. Roxanne says:

    With latinos it’s difficult to tell. We’re a damn dump bucket of racial ancestry. Just Puerto Ricans have Taino, African and Spanish as a base mix for Criole. BUT after that came a shitload of Europeans (FROM EVERYWHERE in Europe) seeking opportunities in the new world. THEN came the US Americans and they’re a mix of Europeans already @_@ Sorry I guess I’m kind of anal about this multiracial thing xD I’d say ALL Latinos are a mix.

    You know, Okinawa is like a breeding ground for half-lings. There’s Meisa, there’s the Lufkin sisters, Olivia and Caroline, who are German-Okinawan. My Japanese proffesor (yes she’s a star xD) is Okinawan and she married a Puerto Rican. It’s probably the strong military pressence in Okinawa that’s caused this. Also I think Miyavi has Korean in his ancestry…. There’s Krystal Kay she’s Jamaican-Japanese. Uuummm…. Tsuchiya Anna I think is something like Russian-Japanese…

    OH! I don’t know where stand-up comedians fall in this mag xD They have HBO shows and DVDs and stuff…. ANYWAY!! One of my faves: Steve Byrne! He’s Irish-Korean. I LOVE *eye roll* Steve Byrne. Oh! Oh! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. According to Wikipedia: “His father is of Black Nova Scotian (Canadian) origin and his mother is of Samoan heritage.”

    That’s all for now *bow*

    • amy says:

      @Roxanne, Oh yeah – The Rock is part Samoan alright. Is he hot, though? We’re talking hot, universally or most people’s hot.

      I didn’t know that about Miyavi!

      LOL about Okinawa – most Japanese descendants in Peru are from Okinawa. My cousin is part Okinawan, part Chinese. Though, from our part of the family (the Chinese part), we’re supposed to be “royal” blood according to my grandpa’s tales LOL – and on our grandma’s side, they keep telling us we’re part Russian hahaha.

      On my dad’s side of the family, I’m part Chinese, part Spaniard, part African American. So I’m probably like 5/8 Chinese (royal or not), 1/16 Russian (something which we don’t truly believe), 1/16 African American, 1/8 Spanish… and 1/8 mystery meat.

  5. LinzerDinzer says:

    Thank you for including Kuroki Meisa!! OMG that woman, gee golly

  6. Ghost Writer says:

    @LinzerDinzer – Meisa is something, but she needs to do better interviews.

  7. amy says:

    oh, Tahmoh Penikett (from Battlestar Galactica) is part English, part Canadian aboriginal (White River First Nation).

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