Five Girl Power Girl Groups

There have been a bunch of women throughout music history that have made a name for themselves. There are not as many as men, but in a world that has been predominantly male-oriented, there are some pretty rocking ladies.

For simplicity purposes, our tiny list is only compiled with girl groups that exploded one way or the other into pop culture ground, singing about being strong and standing their own ground. Sadly, because of this, we won’t be seeing a lot of women who made their careers as solo artists. We know you’ll be missing Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, India Arie, Janet Jackson, Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Amanda Palmer, Pink, Christina Aguilera, or Alicia Keys.

YAM Magazine is taking a brief look at five Girl Power songs with music videos.

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  1. What girl groups…? Of course, I’m not well-versed in girl groups overseas. For that, I’m sorry and a fool. I know a bit of the Piggy Girls and there are a couple underground bands that are trying to make a name for themselves (check out The Cliks). But other than that, at least in the US, the music business is yet again over saturated…unfortunately, not with songs of empowerment or independence. With Autotune drones who sing about being in love with strippers and all they want is hos and clothes. It’s a vicious cycle that repeats every five years or so, but this time around they added an annoying buzzing machine to give folks who have no business trying to sing the ability to at least squeeze out nasaly vocals.

    I think the 90s had the brunt of all the girl power (especially when the Spice Girls exploded and everybody and their mom wanted to be in a girl group). But, here’s hoping that the trend does, indeed, change sometime in the near future. I’m not looking for the next En Vogue, TLC, Spice or even older groups (the 60s had another explosion of Girl Power with The Vandellas, The Supremes, The Cherelles, The Ronettes, etc.). I mean those two generations are completely different and innovative. I’m looking for a group to take the reins and actually reinvent girl groups yet again. Fingers crossed for later on this year or early next year for something exceptional to happen.

    • amy says:

      @Camiele White, there was a recent controversy with Piggy Dolls, though. They recently announced new material, as well as saying that two of the members have lost about 20Kg. – while it is important to keep a healthy weight, it is naturally impossible to lose 20Kg. without a mad diet. With such a drastic change in weight, it’s hard to be still called Piggy Dolls – but as long as the music is good, I think let them~

      Girl Power in the US is a bit tricky. I don’t know many girl groups that are doing it, but at least there are some female solo artists who sometimes bring the topic up… like Alicia Keys with songs like A Woman’s Worth or Karma — though her personal life is a bit iffy on that sense. Then there had been Christina Aguilera with songs such as Beautiful or Fighter (whose life is even more of a mess LOL)… and then there’s also Pink, whom I’ve always admired for being the sexy kick ass tomboy type.

      However, the newer generation (gosh! I sound so old now), it gives me pause.

      I have a little bit of faith with Kpop, at least 2NE1 does give me that vibe of fun girl power group (you should keep an eye on them). They seem to be good role models and are planning to expand with this Kpop wave that seems to be taking over one user through YouTube at a time. In general, Kpop women give me a lot of strong personality vibes… even with some questionable songs or videos – it’s their interviews and variety show appearances that show how Girl Power some of them are.

    • amy says:

      @Camiele White, OOPS! I should have checked OUR music video archive. We have Eye to Eye with their song Like a Man.

  2. Roxanne says:

    I completely agree with most of these. I was an ubber Spice Girls fan. My very first CD ever was Spice World. Hahaha. I always wanted to be as kickass and out there as the Melanies.

    I also have hopes for 2NE1. I can’t WAIT to see what they’re coming with to the US with the whole Will.I.Am collaboration thing. They’re very strong girls, they’re raising the pop genre in Asia and setting an example for the other girl-groups to follow. Another Kpop girl group that gives me the vibe is Miss A. LOVE LOVE LOVE their personalities and strong voices. Plus some of their habits and spunk seem to shock TV hosts in Korea which is AWESOME.

    The world NEEDS more empowering women all over. Especially in those countries where women are not held in a respectable position neither as people nor as proffesionals.

    Hail on GIRL POWER!

    • amy says:

      @Roxanne, and Miss A has two Koreans and two Chinese! LOL Sorry, I like mix groups xD

      I remember that I was more into boybands than the Spice Girls, but that I always liked Mel C. LOL Coz she was sporty, you know xD Geri always scared me… being all ginger and heavy makeup. I really think Geri shoulda been Scary Spice and Mel B just be called Crazy Spice. LOL

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