“This is Not My Debut” — A SeoulBeats Interview with Hwang In-sun

As you’ll all remember, I was blessed with the chance to go to South Korea for the first time in October. During my adventures, I also managed to get an interview with South Korean pop singer Hwang In-sun. Her popularity in show Produce 101 garnered her a huge following of fans who revered her as one of the more entertaining and sweetest members of the survival reality show. She walked away with an endearing nickname from her fellow contestants and fans (“Hwang Imo“) and a boost in her popularity. This afforded her the chance to release more music and unleash her unique personality on an adoring public.

Here’s an excerpt of our time together. She was really one of the most delightful people I’ve ever gotten a chance to sit down and talk with!

Because much of what interested her in music was its connection to dance, it was natural to wonder what artists really piqued her interest, made her want to branch out and explore the craft.

“Every time I compose my music or every time I start making an album, the person that gives me the most influence always differs from time to time. Since currently I’m continuing my career as a ballad genre singer, nowadays I’m heavily influenced by the ballad diva in Korea Baek Ji-young.” It’s easy to sort of see the influence. Baek Ji-young is a legend in her own right, someone whose immeasurable class seeps into her music. In-sun has that same sense of drama in her own music. “Since I’m interested in various areas of art, one of them is musical. There’s a very famous musical actress named Choi Jung-won. She is always giving me heavy influence towards my music. I have her as a role model.”

It’s no surprise she’s also interested in starring in musicals herself. What does take me somewhat aback is the first musical that comes to mind when I ask which one she wants to star in.

Lion King!” she says with honest enthusiasm. I don’t expect the answer, but as The Lion Kingis making its way to Korea this month, it’s actually apropos. She asks where I’m from. My hometown is outside of Chicago, and at that she brightens even more! “Oh, Chicago! One of my favorites! ‘All that Jazz’!”

This passion for musicals extends to the inspiration for her own music

“Since I majored in contemporary dancing in college, and since the musical is a masterpiece of various arts that are combined all together, I am interested in dancing as well regardless of the time period. Also I am very interested in various musicals of different countries as well. I think those are the areas that give me influence outside of music.”

To read the interview in its entirety, go over to SeoulBeats!


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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