L Word, The – Season 6 – Final

Showtime’s drama The L Word aired its last episode weeks ago, but what has the show left? The season was pretty messy, as it introduced a new storyline in 3/4 of a season (eight episodes instead of the usual 12 or 13) and it never wrapped anything up.

You could watch the first episode followed by the series finale, and nothing would have happened. Jenny dies… accident? Or did someone murder her? Who cares! You won’t know… ever. Bette suspected of cheating… again!? What happens? Who cares! Did Tasha and Jamie get it on? Wouldn’t you like to know. One thing you do find out, Shane and Jenny get together… but you didn’t need to watch for that, right? It’s all over the licking promo. However, I must admit that everyone finding out about it was pretty hilarious.

A highlight? The L Word Season 6 looks pretty damn fantastic. Cinematography and lighting improved as the show regressed, and it lost the indie low budget feel it had in its first season. Did the budget shift from the writing staff to buy better lenses and lights? I’m the only one caring about that, right?

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 


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  1. Camiele says:

    I personally never liked the show. My best friend was and remains OBSESSED with it. I saw the first couple episodes of the first season and a few episodes scattered here and there, but mostly stayed in my room when she started bringing out the LA Lezzies for a chat. I think the way indie way it was shot the first season was the only aspect about it that I genuinely thought was pretty cool. I’m surprised that they didn’t kill Jenny in the second season. So as far as I’m concerned this show should’ve been over a few years before it was… HaHa.

    • amy says:

      @Camiele, the show had its high and lows, but it got pretty addicting by season 4 or 5. LOL Or maybe I just had a Shane bias… in any case, I think it was some kind of a let down to find out that the main character in the show ended up being Jenny, as bat shit crazy as she was.

      • Camiele says:

        @amy, I like Shane. I think at some points they copped out with her story. I also had the HUUUUUUUUGEST crush on Natasha. But Jenny was just an idiot to, so into herself and completely self-pitying. I, like, had no time for her… HaHa.

        • amy says:

          @Camiele, I was surprised when they bluntly told us Jenny was the center of the L word universe. It’s bizarre that someone would choose the most unlikable character and make it the center.

          I also thought they copped out with Shane’s arc, but then again – I wanted her to turn her life around and have a happy ending with Molly.

          Who is Natasha, though? Hahaha or are you talking about Tasha?

  2. Camiele says:

    @amy, yeah. Tasha. Oh… I see what you’re saying. I didn’t realize that Jenny was supposed to be the center of it all. I definitely never paid enough attention to the show or Jenny to actually hear that part… HaHa.

    • amy says:

      @Camiele, they said it at an interview, i remember because I was shocked. LOL I think I took it as Jenny Schecter reflected the creator xD meaning I wouldn’t ever EVER want to meet her.

  3. Rodrigo says:

    “Or did someone murder her?”

    Dexter Morgan? :P

  1. May 27, 2015

    […] I totally hated the last season of the show and how the writers began digging Jenny’s grave throughout the seasons, there were also good […]

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