Weeds – Season 5

There are still three episodes left in the latest season of Showtime’s Weeds, so what can be said about something that hasn’t really ended yet? The fifth season starts right after Nancy announces she’s pregnant with Mexican drug lord Esteban’s baby.

Not like we really care about it.

Lucky for us, there’s a multiple-month jump in which Nancy grows a belly, Andy grows an Amish-beard, Celia gets mom-napped by eldest daughter Quinn (first season) and her whimpy guerilla boyfriend Rodolfo. Silas tries being responsible by opening his own pot shop, Shane is just pretty annoying and Doug… well, we’re just tired of his crap.

There was also Jennifer Jason Leigh playing Nancy’s sister, Kate del Castillo, playing power-suit “Mexi-c*nt” Pilar, and Alanis Morissette playing the gynecologist mildly smitten with Andy, but none of that could bring much entertainment. It’s not like the season was a weak one, but the show seems to have lost itself. From the mom who began selling pot to pay the bills in suburbia, to the mom who deals with drug lords and endangers those around her. There were still moments, but not enough of them. I can still give this show a chance.

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

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