MAMAMOO – Recipe + My Hometown MV

Not exactly music videos in the strict sense of the word, but MAMAMOO has released a couple of videos of them goofing around and set to My Hometown (고향이) and Recipe (나만의 Recipe), which are tracks in their first full length album Melting [Melon][iTunes]. You can’t really listen to the songs much, though xD You can totally feel like you’re their BFFs~

My favorite, of course, is Recipe because the song on its own is just great… a type of swing-y flare that the second half of their album has. They also showcase their culinary skills with Asian’s favorite canned foods- spam, tuna, bacon (maybe?), all with scrambled eggs, some good amount of Korean chili paste, garnished with toasted seaweed flakes and a good ole fried egg. xD

Here’s the full track for you to enjoy.

Here’s the one for My Hometown. You can also listen to it fully here.



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  1. November 6, 2016

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