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After three years away from the musical spotlight — though not necessarily gone from our entertainment news altogether — Kpop Queen Lee Hyori is back with a surprise (and much belated) comeback. The expectations were high, of course, considering the promotion of her fourth (see, #4 is bad luck!) album, H-Logic, was abruptly stopped after a huge chunk of the album was caught plagiarizing an array of artists.

Damage controlling, Hyori stepped up on behalf of all her creative team and took it all [1]. Seriously, after such an scandal- she managed to come out on top. Other people would have blamed other parties- after all, the chain breaks at its weakest point. Though, it seemed that Hyori wasn’t completely into the idea to release new music after what she went through (who would???), over the weekend she release a teaser for Miss Korea, which seemed to be marking a clear before and after in her career.

Nearly hitting the mid-30s mark, Hyori would be at the pinnacle of her er… womanhood. However, in South Korea, she’s expected to calm herself — settle her U-Go-Girl [MV] days, leaving behind the pastel skimpy outfits and the ditzy personality that may have or not raised an eyebrow or two when at a moment in her video she seems to go under the knife. Nope, Miss Korea is the complete opposite of that.

Though, I’m disappointed that the music video is completely spec — I’m SOOOOOOOO disappointed in the music video quality — the lyrics of the song seems to question superficial enhancements [1] such as cosmetic beauty and designer bags, as she talks about the insecurities of women and what might cluster their minds at night. I’m game. Not totally feeling it, but I’m game.

I think the music video would have enhanced the song if it had played with Hyori’s mirror reflection, lens flares, depth of field and bokehs, all in black and white. Also, kudos  for the inclusion of some of the U-Kiss (apparently???) members in total serious drag attire.


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