IU – Ending Scene

I feel attacked by the music video, yo~ and I haven’t even check out the lyrics or the album as a whole.

You’ve had the weekend to listen to IU’s collab with G-Dragon, as well as her album, so she’s letting us begin the week with Ending Scene (이런 엔딩), in a music video that features actor Kim Soo-hyun~~~ for an old Kpop lady throwback to Dream High.

The music video, which -according to my Google skills- was directed by Bae Doo-han (배두한) [YUP! That’s right, my bias Doona Bae’s brother, who is a CF director][1], that presents IU and Kim Soo-hyun as a couple going through their 999-day relationship. Mush, I tell you! MUSH!

The music was composed by Korean-American Sam Kim (who was born in 1998, yo ToT — what are we doing with our lives~~~), with lyrics by IU, and arrangements by Lee Jong-hoon.

Please, KPop— some of you have been better, but, please! Directors credits on MVs description boxes chuseyo TmT

IU’s fourth full length studio album, Palette, is already available on iTunes, YesAsia, and your streaming service of choice.


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