My Kdrama obsession: The Fistpump Edition

Going back to great music, casting and writing – Dream High 2 is a lost cause.

Again, it pains me to the core that this drama is doing so poorly. What the hell happened? I know what happened. They made the grave mistake of not bringing back Park Hye Ryun, the screenwriter of Dream High. How the hell don’t you bring back the screenwriter that did such a great job in the first place?

I guess that Park Hye Ryun had her reasons, but I don’t know. As a writer I would be enraged if another person took over my work and drove it over the edge of a hill. I am not exaggerating, that is how bad Dream High 2 is doing. They have forgotten everything that made Dream High great in the first place – the music. What was great about Dream High was that it had songs that were composed solely for the drama. Songs that fit great with the arc of the story. Dream High came out with a new single every week. Dream High 2? Not so much.

Also what made Dream High very enjoyable was the cast. Somehow they all fit great with each other and there was loads of chemistry. You couldn’t but root for this group of aspiring kids that worked hard to make their dreams come true. Although the acting wasn’t spot on, it was still adorable. You could connect with the characters and find something in them to like. Dream High 2, well Dream High 2‘s cast is just flat. Some of them work great by themselves, but when together the acting is all awkward.

I find great pains with JB. I get that he is cute and that he is the next JYP golden-child, but he is miscast in this part. He does good in the cute and comical scenes, but not so much in the more serious ones. It’s a pity that his part wasn’t given to Jr. He would have done such a better job, seeing as he can act.

If they would've played each others parts, then this drama might be a little better

But I digress, yet again. At least I am happy to see that Hyorin from SISTAR and Ailee are somewhat shining in this. Especially Ailee has been a great surprise. She can sing marvelously and she acts really good.

At the moment Dream High 2 is relying heavily on the love-square that’s going on. It started it off well with the rivalry between youths and the price for fame, but then it started to focus on the love aspects and it has been a quick slide down from there on. I doubt Dream High 2 can save itself. For crying out loud, they are still wasting Kang Sora – she has spent eight episodes being a wimp that keeps on crying! It’s not okay, not okay at all.

But Dream High 2 still has 8 episodes left. Perhaps a miracle may happen. I still think that I am going to hope for one.


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