My Kdrama obsession: The Fistpump Edition

Because that’s what I’ve been doing since Monday, loads of fistpumping.

Finally, The Moon That Embraces The Sun has got its groove back and I couldn’t be happier. Not that I was that worried that it was going to drag along until the very end. Please, no drama is that dumb. But the slow middle part was taxing. I guess much frustration goes in to the fact that the main core of the drama is about the lies. So from the very start it’s been a race for the lies to come in to focus. Now that they have done it, yes, it’s time to kick it in to full gear.

Jung Il-Wo is happy that his drama is finally back on track

Last week I wasn’t as spazzy with The Moon That Embraces The Sun, but this week? I was screaming like a banshee. The main characters of the love-triangle are aware of what’s going on. Han Ga-In finally is starting to do some real acting, Jung Il-Wo is convincing me with his portrayal of Prince Yungmyung and Kim Soo Hyun is delightfully angsty. I do like that the King is prohibited to do as he wishes. It adds angst that is hard on the viewer but that keeps you on your toes. Also, it makes you feel for the character – he wants nothing more than to be with the woman that he loves, but isn’t able to because of social conduct. Will he do a King Edward VIII and abdicate? The tension is on!

Another fistpump moment came with episode 7 of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. It was just woah all around with that episode as well as episode 8. I love that Shut Up: Flower Boy Band isn’t going the sweet route that other music/youth dramas as You’re Beautiful or Heartstrings. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band is all about the heart, the friendships and hardships. It’s doing a great job of kicking out The Moon That Embraces The Sun for the number one spot in my heart. Kim Soo Hyun in all honor, but I am a sucker for great music and even greater writing and that is what Shut Up: Flower Boy Band is all about. Again, I can’t stress enough how great the acting is in this drama. Where did all these kids come from? I must say that the casting was done to perfection in this drama and I feel that the director is making sure that each actor is grasping the essence of their character. I really have nothing to complain about this drama, just loads to praise.

Yay! We are the best!


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