Best of Kpop – July 2015

I am back! And what way to be back but with a list of the best Kpop releases of the last month? Kpop has been very active this summer and there’s been interesting comebacks and debuts. Every week there’s at least 10 new Kpop songs to devour and instead of spammig YAM everyday with something Kpop, I decided to gather the best of each month in to a mega-post. So this are the best releases of Kpop during July (all singles are in order of release).

1. Big Bang – Sober


I am somwhat curious by these rookies. Could be the resemblance to BTS.

3. Girl’s Genereation – Party

Not one of GG’s best singles, but it is easy and somewhat cute so it is easy to listen to.


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