Best of Kpop – July 2015

8. Stellar – Vibrato

These girls are receiving a lot of attention because of their “shocking” skin-exposure clothes. They should be receiving attention because their songs are good.

9. GFRIEND – Me Gustas Tu

Kpop meets Spanish in an attempt to stand out. I am not complaining and despise this song being over the top in everything, it is a guilty pleasure.

10. Yoon Mirae with Boys Noize – #CaptureTheCity

Description from source:
[#Capture The City] is a collection of common city sounds. In “#Capture The City”, DJ “Boys Noize” uses the city noises in a sampling method to create music, to which t YOON MIRAE raps. Cars passing, subways passing, keyboards clicking, and many other everyday city sounds are reborn in this amazing dance number. In the music video revealed along with the track, t YOON MIRAE makes an appearance, boasting her charismatic hiphop goddess status and enchanting the listeners’ ears and eyes.

Yoon Mirae is queen and this project is cool. I like.

So this is all for this month. What where your favourite songs? Let me know in the comments.


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