Brown Eyed Girls – Cleansing Cream

In typical Korean fashion, just after the release of their Sixth Sense [1][2] album, hot girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, is ready to launch the re-packaged version, which contains one extra single, the DVD — that includes their music videos for Hot Shot and Sixth Sense [MV]– plus an assorted array of other goodies.

The brand new single is called Cleansing Cream, which a lot of people mistook as a commercial or sponsorship of a product. Written by songwriter G. Gorilla about having to let go of a love that hurts, the music video — most likely directed by Hwang Soo Ah (Sixth Sense, Midnight Circus [MV], Pray [MV]) — follows the tempestuous relationship between a young innocent girl and an older woman.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. amy says:

    If it’s really Hwang Soo Ah who directed this, as we suspect, I think she’s positioned herself to Best MV Director for me this year. xD

  1. January 28, 2014

    […] course, the reason for this edition is the release of Cleansing Cream [MV], which is a really REALLY great song. But I have the same issue I had when reviewing the album […]

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