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I find it strangely interesting how Super Junior has been becoming increasingly popular in China, so big that their label, Korean-based S.M. Entertainment, made a sub-group specifically to market in mainland China.

South Korea’s music market expansionism seems to be preparing for a big bang — no pun intended… or do I? They’re going through a big surge in Japan, so notably known for its closed market, many groups are preparing American debuts (also known for its closed market), K-pop is huge across South East Asia, overpowering what once was a J-pop niche, and everywhere on the internet is all about K-pop.

It just makes sense to want to get into China.

And they did with the completely dumb Mandarin, but damn catchy, version of  Super Girl.

Who can blame girls who go nuts over K-poppers? Every single group seems to be able to frigging dance, cue other vapid J-pop or C-pop idol groups. The Korean commercial music market has been perfecting the art of idol-making, and they’re going to be shoving idols down our throats until they get on your radio and your TV screens… in whatever language you need them to do it.

Back to our Super Junior subject, they’re back with a new EP titled 太完美 (Tai Wanmei / Too Perfect or Perfection), out February 25th, 2011. The first single is, as Super Girl was, a little weak on the lyrics side of things, but catchy with above average choreography, with or without SuJu dropout Han Heng.

You can check the Korean version here.


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  1. Dani says:

    Suju M debuted in China in 08 with the mandarin version of Suju’s song U. Super Girl was an original Suju M song that came out in 09 so the song was in mandarin, though there ws a korean version of the song on the EP

    • julili says:

      @Dani, u sound like a netizen hahaha

    • amy says:

      @Dani, U didn’t explode like Super Girl did. (somehow that sounds all kinds of wrong in the sentence).

      The post never states that Super Girl was or not an original song of the sub-group, it just says it’s a version in Mandarin.

      • Dani says:

        @amy, Saying that it’s a version in mandarin makes it seem like there was an original version of the song in another language, which there wasn’t. And U did “explode”, all of their songs did.

        • yam magazine says:

          @Dani, no… otherwise it would say “there was a cover version”. It’s like saying there was a version in Spanish of Livin’ la Vida Loca, and a version in English. Both were released in the same album, so not a song overpowers the other.

          In the case the same song was released later, you would point out that it was later released… like M2M’s Pretty Boy in Mandarin that was released after the original album.

      • julili says:

        @amy, I didn’t even know there was a “U” song in Mandarin (that’s how popular that was)-I bet it was that their Mandarin wasn’t that good back then… lol

        • Dani says:

          @julili, lol how much did u care about suju in 08? Super Girl became huge mostly because it came out after Sorry Sorry, which had made suju’s fanbase bigger

  2. julili says:

    Omfg where was Siwon during 90% of the video?

    Must say that I’m very meh about this song and choreography. The dance feels so borrowed. Sure, the music is a bit different, kind of like a rock/pop thing?

    Super-Junior M has excited for a long time girl! I think that it was announced back in 2007 that SME had plans to launch in to China. If I’m not completely mistaken, SJ-M is the first Korean group that has members that are non-Korean. I hope someone can correct me if I’m wrong. I know that in older kpop groups, they have usually had a Korean that was born in a foreign country or spent some time there (Yoochun Park, Tony Ahn).
    Nowadays in some kpop groups you find foreigners, (Nickhun who is from Thailand – 2PM, Miss A has 2 Chinese members -> it’s JYP’s intention to promote in China with them) so you could say it is the new trend!

    Right now Kpop is going nuts about creating idols. It feels like they are debuting at least 2 new acts a month. I feel that in their want to take advantage of the Kpop boom, they are forgetting quality…. but we shall see

    • amy says:


      “I feel that in their want to take advantage of the Kpop boom, they are forgetting quality…”

      that feels freaking ironic considering the title of the song. My main bug in regards of Kpop acts is that they are more popular, because compared to other vapid commercial pop acts… Kpoppers are at least tight in production.

      • julili says:

        @amy, True, I mean, sure this songs is not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean it was well produced. The guys look great, they are dancing in sync, the MV looks great.

        YOur main bug is that they are more popular? Que?

        • yam magazine says:

          @julili, between vapid commercial pop acts, kpop are tight produced vapid pop music… which is better than sloppy vapid pop music.

          Also, thank god I don’t understand Korean.

          I’m still cringing over Arashi’s Monster. LOL Which by the way… was recently voted one of the best songs of the year? xD

  3. We reviewed the MV too!

    FANGIRL thought the MV looked pretty and had loads of cool shots, but was pretty substance-less. (Fangirl would like to add that she agrees with julili – where was Siwon? The MV needed more of his hotness)

    FANBOY thought the 19th century Russian fashion was weird and they went overboard with the guyliner, but he really liked the choreography. (Fanboy agees with julili too, so long as Siwon doesn’t wear that Austin Powers get-up)

    Read our complete review here:

    • julili says:

      @Fanboy & Fangirl, omg u guys are so cute!

      It was so weird that Siwon was at the beginning of the MV and then the end but not in the middle. It was so obvious. If he was too busy to film the MV cus of Athena, then couldn’t they shot the MV around that?
      Btw, where was Donghae? According to me this MV was all Zhou Mi!

      Yeah the Russian 19th century fashion is a little interesting to say the least….

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