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Trabalhar Cansa

Trabalhar Cansa is a bizarre mixed genre film that chronicles the story of a regular family in Brazil that was on the brink of an economic downfall.


Post Mortem (Chilean Film)

A surreal romantic drama overlaid political drama set in Chile in 1973, the year in which the military staged a coup against Salvador Allende.


Boleto al Paraiso

Ticket to Paradise is part a budding film of inadequate “frikis” living in the shadows of Cuban society, which ultimately takes Eunice and Alejandro to their perdition.


Life of Fish, The

The Life of Fish is a simple film that follows 33-year-old Andres, back in his hometown after not seeing his friends for the past ten years. He’s disconnected, and possibly full of regrets… the biggest of all? Beatriz.


Colors of the Mountain, The

The Colors of the Mountain follows the story of a little kid named Manuel who lives for football and for drawing the scenery of his town, stuck in the middle of an armed conflict.


Elite Squad 2

Colonel Nascimiento, head of the Special Police Operation Battalion, gets “demoted” to become Secretary of Security in the Intelligence Agency after accusations of human right violations, and the government sets out to clean up the favelas from drugs.


YAM – Issue 011

We’ve got our very first exclusive! I got a chance to chat with Grammy/Golden Globe/Academy Award winner/nominee Diane Warren. We are also covering a bit on the Lima Film Festival, which just wrapped up their 14th edition. Plus reviews for some of the very best of the blockbuster season in America… and a surprise review for Aftershocks.


Cold Water of the Sea

Cold Water of the Sea tells the story of a young couple about to get married that go on a holiday trip to a tropical “paradise,” when they run into a girl who seems to be lost in the middle of the night.