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Tomboy (2011)

Tomboy tells the story of 10-year-old Laure, whose family has recently moved to a new neighborhood. It isn’t too long before Laure meets Lisa, and she introduces herself as Michael.


Win Win (2011)

From start to finish, Win Win is pretty much a warm, sweet indie film that benefits greatly from a strong cast and solid scripting by Thomas McCarthy, who makes the story easy for the audience to connect with the characters.


Spirited Away

With Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki reminds audiences that he is a true master of animated film by providing realistic characters and an interesting story that truly enchants viewers.


Vampire Knight – Season 1

Before the world was struck with Twilight fever, there was Vampire Knight. In Cross Academy, humans and vampires attend school together. Humans during the day and vampires during the night. Although they try and get along, it’s not always easy to mix wolves and sheep under the same roof.


Moulin Rouge!

The best way to describe Moulin Rouge! is to call it a hyper surreal remix of everything sugary that we love with an added tinge of acid.


2PM – Hands Up

2PM released their second studio album Hands Up on June 20, 2011. It’s a great development in what 2PM has done so far. This time around the sound is a little bit more fun, with tracks that are a little bit sexier and has a club vibe.


Hyun Joong Kim – Break Down (EP)

The former leader of SS501, Hyun Joong Kim, came out with his solo EP Break Down on July 08, 2011. Being the last member of SS501 releasing his solo work, Break Down still harbors the sound of SS501 but with a litle bit sexier.