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Notebook, The

Nicholas Sparks and the cheesy movie poster doesn’t help, but guess what? The Notebook was actually a pretty darn good romance.


Restless (2011)

Restless is that kind of beautiful movie that always will be in the back of your head. That kind of feel-good movie that you will want to watch when you are feeling a little sad because it will make you cry yet make you feel alright.


Milow – North and South

Milow’s North and South is filled with happy and mellow melodies, simple yet deep lyrics. It’s really easy to hear, to sing along to, to remember.


Ides of March, The

The Ides of March is fast-paced, clever and interesting. You are shown the back-side of the political game, the high and the lows — in where even the hero isn’t as good as you thought.


Shame (2011)

Shame is a masterful character study that shows us the life of a sex addict named Brandon.


Page One: Inside the New York Times

Does mainstream and “traditional’ media still have a place in the now fast-space internet world? Page One: Inside the New York Times seeks to find out where the NY Times is heading, or if it even has a way to head to.


Sunny (Korean Film)

Na-mi was the awkward transfer at school until she met Chun-hwa. Years after, Chun-hwa needs Na-mi’s help to get the gang together again.



What would you do if you found out that whatever you thought as a child of fantasy stories to scare little kids was actual reality?