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SM Town in New York 2011

After traveling all over the world, hitting 7 different international locations since 2010, the famous SM Town Live finally made it to New York City. Whether you’re a fan of a few or all SM Entertainment artists you should not miss out on this magnificent concert. It’s making K-Pop history all over the world.


Sahara Hotnights – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

Swedish female rockband, Sahara Hotnights, held a gig at Berns in Stockholm. They came out on stage in control, with great confidence and a whole lot of class. Yet something was amiss during this particualr gig.

Yelle – Stockholm, Sweden 2011 0

Yelle – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

The entire club was dancing, screaming, throwing their hands in the air and trying to sing along in French. From start to end, no one stood still for a second. Yelle came to Stockholm and rocked her socks out at Club Popaganda.


Quireboys, The – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

The Quireboys are like Mötley Crews well-mannered cousin from the other side of the ocean. They play a kind of bar-room, old-school rock’n’roll with some influences from country. They played on the spacious “Göta Källare” in Stockholm with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.