Laurence Anyways Trailer

A man in the prime of his life realizes he cannot deny who he is inside any longer. Laurence Anyways is a film that delves into the heartache, trials, and evolution of a man named Laurence (Melvil Poupaud). He confronts his girlfriend Fred (Suzane Clement), telling her that he wants to love her as he truly is… a woman.

Writer and director Xavier Dolan (HeartbeatsJ’ai Tué Ma Mère [1]) provides audiences with a film that paints a complex story of love and self-discovery that only his eye for the truly exceptional could capture.

Laurence Anyways won awards at the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival (the Golden Swan Grand Prix award and the Award of Youth) as well as the Cannes Film Festival (Queer Palm Award and Un Certain Regard Best Actress award for Suzanne Clément), where it premiered on May 18th.


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