Mofeta & Jerre with Leo Ontario & Promoe – Kalifornien

Yet another amazing Swedish track.

I have written about Mofeta & Jerre before, a lovely little story about how I went to see them for the very first time, fell in love with their sound and now I am a hardcore fan[1]. I have been following them pretty close (more like stalking them on Facebook), so I was really happy they released this song from the album Briljanter & Smaragder. It’s, after all, one of my favorites!

The song is about wishing to escape everyday life and flee to California where everything is supposed to be so much better. That’s when Promoe gives some of his experiences from the “City of Angels” and explains that everything isn’t always good on the other side.

If you are interested, I might translate the lyrics if you ask nicely enough :P.

Prepare to see and hear more from this talented duo here on YAM because, as you know, when we love something we love it pretty passionately and therefore love to talk about it!



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